CROWD FUNDING - the Brennan way

We offer a bespoke, boutique and lucrative service for any individual with £20K to £5M to invest in crowd funding for the most sought after properties on the market today.

Crowd funding enables you, the investor:

1. to spread the risk,

2. to raise funds for larger sites - the ones that

    have a huge capacity to generate profits,

3. to move quickly.

Our Crowd Funding Objective

This fund is being raised to purchase larger sites with the aim of acquiring planning permission for multiple new builds.  It is no secret that greenbelt land is being built on, and our team, lead by Deborah Brennan, has the specialist knowledge to identify the most lucrative sites available today.  The returns often exceed 40%.

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What could you lose?


Take a look at our testimonials from other clients; we have never lost anyone’s money.  The risk here is that the financial reward may vary.  To minimize risk, our team ensures no failed planning applications due to thorough research, coupled with years of experience in property development and building.

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How do I join?

Simply call or email us and join our Limited Liability Partnership - Brennan Acquisitions Two LLP.

You will need to sign a membership document and contract.  You will then become a highly valued client who will make significant profit with little risk.

Brennan Acquisitions

Telephone: +44 (0)7547 464732



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